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"There’s something inexplicably hypnotic about the music of 19 year old, singer-songwriter Heleina Zara. Her music is simultaneously gentle and powerful; with deft lyricism, stunningly sweet vocals, and catchy melodies that will stick with you for days.

A fresh-faced approach to pop music that captures the anxieties in teen and millennial hearts alike. Heleina Zara showcases her ability to transcend her personal experiences to create tracks that are relatably infectious." -Sarah Gillard (New Music Review 2019, Happy Mag)

Listen to her debut EP "LESSONS" below and get to know her music. "NAIVE" and "QUIETLY" were Semi-finalists for Pop Top 40, Best Performance and Best Music Video consecutively in the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville, USA.





Best known as Erin in the 'Diary of an Uber Driver' ABC TV. Her commitment and dedication to her craft is evident on her stellar feedbacks from acting mentors both in Australia and Los Angeles.

"If you were to look up talent in the dictionary there's a photo of Heleina. Right beside the description reads when passion and heart collide, they find the true power of talent” - Jessica Orcsik (American Arts Film & Television Academy - Los Angeles)

"Heleina is fantastic, I was laughing my ass off, totally believable..naturalistic, I am blown away"- Brett Ratner, Director (Rush Hour, Family, X-Men)

"Glad to be working with Heleina - so fricken talented!"- Matthew Barry, Casting Director (Good Guys, The Notebook, Rush Hour)

"From the moment she appeared on screen it was clear that she is a natural talent. Her deep sense of honesty and humanity on camera makes her very watchable and relatable"-Les Chantery, The Actors Station (Sydney)

WATCH her latest showreels below.

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